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created by Barnabas Kecskes

Author's Bio

I am thrilled by technology since I was born...

Growing up in a medium sized town in Hungary I spent many times around computers. I went to college learning computer science but life never offered me a chance to build a career as a software engineer. This has changed when I moved to the UK in the summer of 2009.

For the first 2-3 years I made a living through different jobs while I spent all my free time to refresh and update my knowledge. When I became a part-time freelancer, I had projects that required me to extend my skill set mainly around web development.

By today I make a living being a full-time iOS & Web Developer. However, I am still learning progressively. I can work by myself from scratch involving all aspects of the development phases or alternatively can collaborate with other designers and developers as per requirements.

Clients like to work with me because I have excellent communication skills and extensive, up-to-date knowledge of the industry therefore taking weight off of their shoulders by making educated decisions easy.

I am always looking for perfection and would never sell any services without putting my best knowledge into it.
And they know that.


A medical application written natively for iOS devices.

Available on the App Store

Client requirement was to educate people about
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder so they can find out whether or not they have the symptoms of
this medical condition.

The application must have been released in the App Store (rather than in the iBook Store)!

The famous page flip effect for the book was a good starting point.

Adding a quiz was simple way of creating a diagnosis tool.

Introducing interactivity with the two-part questionnaire the app qualified for the App Store.


A simple game written natively for the iPhone.

Available on the App Store

Hiding virtual sausages can be quite fun!

When looking for some, in-game clues
help you find the nearest.

You can get your scores and switch on sounds.

Hi9 App

Human. Energy. Management.
A tool written natively for iOS devices.

Available on the App Store

A tutorial will help you how to read your
energetic levels intuitively.

You can check your history, update or share your readings.

You can build a history of your different energetic states.

Hope Home Haiti

A charity project helping people collect
funds for their cause.

open site

A simple site with some interactivity offers an easy
way to collect funds through PayPal integration.

Your donation can help them raising more happy children!

93PC Repair

Small business website.

open site

Incorporating the well known company van in the design
and connecting the well established Google Reviews
has done the trick.

Tract Hosting

Private virtual servers in the cloud on demand.

open site

An interactive form helps the user set up
and order their servers.

Behind the scenes, the OnApp API creates the administrative dashboards.

Billing is automated through the WHMCS API.


Aniko Gasperik

open site

The website greets the visitors with a random set of photos.

The gallery consists of many categories...

...which lets you slideshow its photos.

The administrator panel lets the photographer
to organise her photos into categories and highlights.


Share Your Wisdom World Wise

open site

SYWWW is a concept private blogging site...

...emphasizing the authenticity by putting a voice
and a face behind each article.


Energetic Awareness

open site

The website extends the functionality of the Hi9 App.

First one needs to learn how to utilise the tool.

The app is also available for those who
don't own an iOS device.

Extending your knowledge is very useful...

...and opens other features, like sharing functionality.

A live coaching system is also available on demand.

The backend includes a custom-built CMS...

...and also lets the administrator to set up site behaviour.

So this is it. Week one is closed.
Lot of things happened.

You have gained my full confidence very fast
with your DEDICATION, OPEN & SHARP MIND, Apparent
and KIND personality.

These are no commonly found in
programmer’s personalities.

— Zsolt, New Hampshire, USA